Kids. Love. Bubbles.

How many times have I looked out on a gathering of seated, peaceful children only to have them light up like the Fourth of July at the first tennis-ball bubble that drifted toward them? All of them; that’s how many. It’s only fitting, as the soap bubbles I make are like liquid fireworks.

Keep in mind, this rush of excitement happens before I start blowing bubbles inside bubbles, making long chains of bubbles, putting fog into bubbles, making GI-I-I-I-I-I-ANT bubbles—and ultimately, putting the kids themselves in bubbles.

Fun for all ages.
No, really!

Bubble performers learn even before they turn pro that grown-ups are as amazed and fascinated by bubbles as children. I know for sure that they have a blast at the shows—and not just from watching kids having fun. That’s part of the reason why my kid-in-a-bubble rig is big enough to put adults in bubbles, by themselves or with their kids. Sound like fun? You bet it is!

A Soap-and-Water Circus

That bit about “liquid fireworks,” that’s all true. But more accurately, a soap bubble show combines the spectacle of fireworks, the artistry of magic, and the unpredictability of an animal act. It’s basically a condensed circus starring soap and water. No animals are harmed, and no clowns will be appearing. A blue derby hat is currently the only “costume” I wear when performing. The bubbles are the act; I’m just the handler.

Lotsa Thrills, Guaranteed

I perform at private parties, schools, daycare, libraries, or wherever people want to have a few “Wow!” moments, feel happy for an hour or so, and snap one-of-a-kind photos of their children.

My show is guaranteed. My soap bubbles performance is an engaging and delightful experience for children. If my show does not produce the level of audience response we agree you should expect, you do not have to pay me.